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I can’t stand when i give people the benefit of the doubt and they don’t prove me wrong


So this just fucking happened to me. I’ve never been so fucking scared in my life. And my best friend wants to sit there and make jokes and shit like I’m not in a life or death situation.

I wish nothing but the worst for you in life best friend. I hope you wake up one day and have no edges. I have African parents, this could have ended HORRIBLY for me.


this is the part of the story where the girl realizes how strongly she actually feels, gets scared of her feelings, and starts to fall back.

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i think about how you’re always supposed to wait around for men.wait for them to correctly identify their emotions.wait for them to Weakly Express It.wait for them to be courageous with emotional vulnerability.it’s so tiring how you’re supposed to accept the little they offer and be grateful.

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